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  • Suggestions for sound input

    I need some suggestions for a headunit or something to control be available when the pc is off. I was thinking of buying a headunit with an aux in to connect the pc, so that way when i am not using my pc i can still have fm, my commute to work is a grand total of 2 minutes so i cant be turning my pc on and off. ANyone have any suggestions for a good, not so expensive headunit with aux in, or any other suggestions.

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    try this
    D201GLY2, DC-DC power, 3.5 inch SATA

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      What is your budget on a head unit, I got this one at my local best buy for about $210. It has 2 sets of rca outputs and 1 set of inputs.
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        Would it be possible to hook up an ipod, portable cd player, or the likes? It would be much cheaper than a hu, and you may even have one laying around.

        Another option may be tweaking boot times. If your running XP, try bootvis. Some people claim as low as 15s. It takes mine about 25s before winamp starts playing a tune. Subtract the time takes to put on a seat belt, release the parking break, and switch into reverse. Do it really slowly if you must have music to drive.
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          I got an awesome deck, a jensen mp501k or something cant remember model number off top of head. Anyways its got, aux input, 3 rca preamp outs (front, rear, 5v subwoofer). came with remote, its also an mp3 cd player. it was about $200 new off ebay
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