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  • OPTIMA YELLOW TOP BATTERY D34/78 OR stinger Sp1000

    Sorry guys i didnt know what topic to put it under. Anyways i have two kicker L715's and Two kicker Kx1200.1 and kicker Kx600.4 in my car.. It was running just fine with one stinger battery in the back but today i put try putting my computer in and car was staving for power so i was wanting to know which battery either OPTIMA YELLOW TOP BATTERY D34/78 or Stinger SP1000 should i go with. I am going to get two one under the hood and one in the back. And yes my alternator is getting upgrade in two weeks here to 200amps. So let me know which one you like or you running in your car. thank you

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    with the alternator upgrade and a good cap I doubt you'll need the extra battery, unless of course you run it without the car on
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      Dont waste your money on those name brand batteries. All you're paying for is the name. Yellow top sucks. If you want a good battery that'll last through many completely drainned, a regular deep cycle battery will work just fine. Ive gone through 4 Optimas (all less than 3 years) before I switch to a dry cell battery with 1200CC. Now that battery is about to kick the bucket. My next battery's gonna be a regular deep cycle battery. If you're gonna run your system with the car off, then get a good deep cycle battery. If you're gonna run your system with the car running then get the smallest battery you can find that will also start your car and beef up the alternater. If you're doing little bit of both then a deep cycle should work just fine. save the money on the battery for a Opus and a Xenarc. They'll make your carPC run faster and jump higher.
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