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  • UK members raise your hands and...

    Give us a shout to where you are.

    I've seen one or two other NW England members knocking arround, and just wondered where everyone else was, and at what state in the build.

    How about
    Location (town is enough)
    System base (mobo/processor etc)
    State of play (still in development/Fitted but testing, looks a little rough but works/fully finished, you won't believe how much fibreglass I layed to get that screen in).
    Comments: any hints or tips you found useful for your car.

    If you've got an entry in the "Show your projects" section post it too.
    So far I know about my Saab, A Corsa, a Vectra, and ISTR a mini somewhere. What else we got going on over here.

    Come on people, lets go.

    I'll start,
    Warrington Cheshire
    Saab 900 T16S 1984
    MK1 system was a Duron 1.3 on a KT133 with ATX PSU, but has now been removed.
    MK1 system was in but rough, with composite screen.
    MK2 System is 80% bought based on a Via Epia Nehmiah and a MicroATX 1U 150watt PSU. Looking to find the right Aluminium box for it (might even use a painted plastic cracker box, which I have handy), a Datalux screen and a decent sized HDD at the right price. Should hopefully have MK2 in the next couple of weeks.

    Tips: If using an FM modulator and Inverter, ground everything you can find to a single ground point. Same point as the inverter. Cuts down on so much noise.
    MK1 didn't make it into the show your projects.
    4x4 in a turbo stylee.

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    Location : West London (nr Kingston)
    System Base : Em586 + P233
    State of play : Complete
    Comments : Follow your nose

    Car : Corsa
    System size : 5" x 6" x 2"
    Consumption : 30 W (including screen)
    Software : Homebrew
    Old Systems retired due to new car
    New system at design/prototype stage on BeagleBoard.


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      Location: Bristol (till next month)
      Car: Peugeot 205

      System I'm currently using:
      (hardware):Toshiba Laptop / 166mmx / 4x40 LCD / Numeric keypad
      (software):MSDOS 7, MPXPlay 1.48 alpha
      Status: Tested and working 100%
      Comments: Works fine, but it's just wedged under my seat, so I've got to be careful where I leave my car, as it's easily nickable. It should be last me till this is done:

      System I'm currently building: Aaeon SBC-675 Motherboard / Celery 500 CPU / 10" Touchscreen / Sonica USB Soundcard / Sproggy based DC-DC PSU
      Status: PSU works, screen works. Almost finished building a custom aluminium box, and have yet to cut a big 10" hole in the dash to put the screen in.
      Comments: Check the MBR745 diode when using a sproggy supply. One of them came loose on mine, and fried my motherboard (my old old system, it was in there before the laptop).
      My Setup


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        Thanks guys. Just aneed a few more now. Guess the rest will be along later.
        4x4 in a turbo stylee.


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          I'm in the NW - The system will be loaded in to a Vectra once my Opus is here.

          Basicaly the system is a ITX 800, 20Gb drive & 128Mb ram.
          Software wise, Media Engine, Mappoint, Autoroute & Destinator 2 with my own custom skin.

          Screen a Digitalww 7002s with touch screen overlay.

          Tip: Use velcro to hold you system in the boot ( suitable for small systems )

          Thought: I was going to raise this when my system was running but I was thinking of a UK meet ? Any body upfor it ?

          My Project Site


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            I could go for that. Hopefully, if I can blag a VGA screen (pref with touch) soon, version2 Nehmiah based will be fitted very shortly.
            4x4 in a turbo stylee.


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              Location: Leeds
              Vehicle: Mitsubishi FTO 2.0V6 (jap import)
              System: EPIA-M9000 based system, Fortuna U2 GPS dongle, linear regulator, Maplin Aluminium case in boot (messy), custom mounted 5.6" LCD in dash, touchscreen, stealth numeric keypad, Windows XP, custom MP3 software (controlled by keypad), possibly Media Engine 2...
              Status: Working, needs better power (pref Opus but no money yet), needs better case and easier docking (duals as a TV set-top-box for internet/music etc).


              Car changed for TVR Griffith 500, so computer de-installed. Using a Dension 100ix w/60Gb HD unit in the interim.

              Carputer Install -
              CarBox Software --


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                Eh up guys

                A meetup would be brilliant!!

                Location: Manchester
                Vehicle: Vauxhall Corsa
                System: IBM Thinkpad Laptop, PIII 700, 12gig hd, mini keyboard will be built into sunvisor. USB hand mouse (looking for a RF hand mouse as I dont really want the usb wire trailing all over the dashboard/seats), 7" motorised widescreen up front.
                Software: Just the Windows 2000 so far.

                Status: Should have the laptop installed in my boot this weekend (if everything goes to plan).

                tips: I'm still learning
                Volvo C70 - Installation in progress *gulp*


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                  We're all learning mate, that's what makes it all good fun.
                  4x4 in a turbo stylee.


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                    Hey guys

                    Another from the NW here!

                    I only just found out about the world of carputering so I'm just starting to plan my project now

                    Location : Warrington, Cheshire
                    Vehicle : Peugeot 306
                    System : Via Epia Nehemiah, 7" digitalww Touchscreen, 256MB, 80GB HD, GPS. Powered with a DC-DC converter with tank circuit & shutdown controller.
                    Software : Windows XP, MediaEngine, Alturion GPS Pro, MP3 + DVD software

                    Luckily my CD headunit has an auxillary-in on the back which eliminiates the need for FM transmitters etc

                    Am I right in going with XP? I've got 2 desktop machines here, roughly the same spec (1.0 & 1.1Ghz). One has XP and the other with 2K. The XP machine boots a lot quicker + it's easily skinnable.

                    Can the Nehemiah handle XP very well?
                    Destinator 3 For PC! -


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                      Near chester

                      Ford escort van <grin>

                      k2-500 laptop + xenarc vga touch screen + gps + 802.11b

                      Custom software in vb + mappoint

                      Back on bench for software re-write , after I saw a bmw change the map scale according to speed.(and to stomp a few bugs)

                      I may have found a few 800X600 vga touch screen displays for around 90 quid if anyone is intrested (not xenarc's). Will let you know if I see the guy on sat.



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                        Me *waves* i'll post some details when I have some more time


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                          Location : Alloa (Scotland)
                          Vehicle : Volvo 850 2.5 GLT
                          System : Via Epia 800, 8.6" VGA NEC screen NL6448BC20-08, Sproggy PSU.
                          Software : Windows 98se, player my own.
                          I have, still to install: Garmin 25 LVS, and semans mobile unit.
                          Looking for a cheep touch screen for the 8.5" screen.

                          "Just be cool. She'll hold."


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                            Apart from MikeH and Rob, there definatley appears to be a northern them to things here in the UK. And that is very odd.
                            4x4 in a turbo stylee.


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                              indeed... i think a decent sized meet up could well be possible?

                              Be interesting to see others peoples install and compare in real-life. All I see at the moment is pics on the internet which doesn't really give the work its full justice.
                              Volvo C70 - Installation in progress *gulp*