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When CarPC modding goes wrong.

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  • When CarPC modding goes wrong.

    After decasing the Taxan monitor I plan to use, and widening the centre console to take it, I worked out how fit the screen itself in. Then it came to the controller.

    I decided to cutdown the original metal shield that seperated the screen and controller to fit my new console and take advantage of the original Standoffs.

    As it happens, it didn't go according to plan. I had the work piece clamped to the bench, and was folding it back an forward along the line I needed to cut.

    That is when it happened. The clamps slipped, and the very sharp folded up edge slid across the palm of my right hand, giving me a nice little cut.

    At first I felt it cut in, and thought, "Oh Bugger". Then I looked at it, and saw what looked like fresh raw chicken.

    Then it started to bleed. Boy did it bleed.
    20 minutes under a running tap slowed it down, along with compression, but I went along the "Accident and emergency"/Emergency room just to be on the safe side.

    After a 2 hours wait (quiet and quick becuase it was Sunday afternoon) I got to see the doctor, and got 4 stitches and a tetanus shot (im my arm, so the pants stayed on).

    Worst part was the Lignocaine injection before the stitches.

    As advised by the Doctors, the dressing is off, and the stitches come out Friday. It was deep, but I guess I'm glad I didn't slice any deeper.
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    Worse computer-related injury I've had so far is when I was modding a case last year, I was cutting out a window with a Dremel, and got a bit of metal in my eye...had to go to the hospital to have it literally dug out! That was painful and quite annoying, as I had to sit there for like half an hour with my eye almost prised open!

    Hope you're ok soon!

    /me hopes I don't kill myself too bad when start modding Anglia in a couple of weeks!

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      It's sore. and it looks like a couple of the stitches are pulling through slightly so they aren't hooked into the skin on one side, just the flesh underneith, but not too bad. Just have to be carful not to catch them on anything.

      I normally wear gloves when working with metal, expecially when folding it. Always wear eye protection when dremelling. It is so tempting to try to get that closer look at a better angle.
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        next time (well hopefully there won't BE a next time)

        let it bleed in the emergency room, on the floor, and on the receptionist desk

        no more two hour wait
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          LOL. They ain't that quick in the UK.

          It had on the time board (that had been updated 3 hours before).
          Minor injury 2 hours wait.
          Pediatrics 1 hour wait.
          Major injury 3 hour wait.
          (they must have had a nasty car smash, or pub fight in at lunchtime or something).

          You go to the waiting room take a ticket (no receptionist) wait for your number to flash up (just like a deli meat counter).
          Go into the Triage room, the Triage nurse checks you over, and uses the intercom to report on the severity to the treatment and booking in staff. She said Minor, probably ok with Steristrip.

          Then you go back and wait, till your number is called. They call you through, you go into the cubicle they tell you, and just when you think "Wow that was quick", all you get is the paperwork filled in. you then get to wait in a different waiting room till they call you by name, then you get treatment (which he took one quick look and said oh yep, 4 stitches and a tetanus).

          They like to keep the mess and emotion away from clouding their judgement.
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            Its is a guarnted health care system though not all so called developed nations have that......

            sorry to hear about the hand skraggy i nornally get cut pieces to in computer cases by those really bad metal edges which they just dont bother to finish....


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              Man I wish I had gotten pictures of my accident. I was cutting the last piece of MDF for my computer box on a table saw and accidently took off the tip of my right index finger!! Fun stuff I tell ya
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                ouch. stiches. ouch!!! sorry to hear that man.

                get well soon!!
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                  Who said we don't live on the edge?

                  Don't keep up the bad work...LOL
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                    Ha, Ha, May you all get shafted by SoBig

                    Lol just kidding with you all.
                    Tommorow, I got the day off, but had to book a days holiday to take it.
                    I have to go to my local doctors surgery to get the stitches removed.

                    Still Monday is a public holiday, so I get a long weekend.
                    And as the stitches come out at 12PM, I get all morning, and all afternoon to try and get the touchscreen mounted on the panel, and into it's new surround, and try to get the new build of the PC into the cars standard lower centre console behind the screen.
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                      holly sHiet, I dont think Ive ever Fudged myself up that badly. Glad to see your ok but becareful bro
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                        Yeah, no worries. Stitches out, and the good thing about hands, especially the palm is that because the skin is working so often, it rarely permanentley scars.

                        Weird thing is, I can see, now that it is closed over, and healed, the scar that I have for now, pretty much follows my lifeline, but branches off near the top of the scar.
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                          I was actually in your same position 2 years ago. I was cutting a plastic project box with a utility knife. I was doing pretty good with it until one position got a lil tight. Instead of being at least somewhat smart, I decided to keep ramming away at it. Well, of course the blade slipped, went flying towards my other hand. I had the same reaction (oh bugger, maybe something else though). But then I saw an explosion of red. Apparently I sliced right through the tip of my thumb (about the size of a dime) and the blade kept going, landing in the webbing between my left thumb and index finger. I had to have 7 stitches and my thumb is lopsided to this day. They gave me vicadin for the pain (which actually I never took, but apparently my roommate liked it). At any rate, taught me to use the right tools for the job and to take my time to do it right. Glad to hear ur doing A-OK.
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