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  • successful first tests

    I've got a 300 watt portable powerpack (XPower Powerpack 300) from xantrex and decided to see if it would power my desktop computer and my small portable 7" CRT TV and it did perfectly, I didn't time it but it seemed like it powered it for at least 20 minutes before the low battery warning alarm (played some mp3's while testing).

    This is encouraging because I plan on buying a 600 watt inverter from my local Costco and using my desktop computer and my little TV in my van until I can afford a better solution. I plan on eventually having a 15" LCD monitor as well as my little TV used in vehicle. For my first version of my car pc I will just use what I have and upgrade as I go.

    I drive for a courier company and spend 9.5 hours a day in a vehicle (up till now in the company truck), I was actually going to put this system in that truck (but make it totally removable). As of Monday I'm driving my own vehicle and now all my ideas have changed, I'll be driving a 1986 Plymouth Voyager mini-van and can make the install more permanent. I still plan on taking my PC into the house at the end of the day and using it there.

    I've decided to call my project Voyager PC.

    Version 1 will be mostly an MP3 box because of the small TV display.

    Version 1.1 will benefit from a 15" LCD (when funds permit) and will also be used for route planning and navigation.

    Version 1.2 will have a GPS system

    As time goes on and funds permit I will eventually build a smaller system for the Voyager and reclaim my desktop PC, and probably add touchscreen as well...

    I'll let you know when it goes into the van and have first day results.