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anything wrong with BIG?

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  • anything wrong with BIG?

    I know small is in and BIG is not favored, but is there anything wrong with going BIG if you have the room? Basically, I'm asking if anything is wrong with using a standard desktop tower and 15" LCD...

    My vehicle is for delivery purposes (1986 Plymouth Voyager minivan) with the back seats removed, only room for one passenger in the front passenger seat.

    My idea is to take my desktop tower I'm using and build something to support/stabilize it that will go directly behind the drivers seat (I'm not worried about hiding it because I plan on taking the PC into the house after work)...

    I'm thinking of taking a 2' x 2' piece of wood and laying it down on the floor (with antislip material underneith), then taking some 2" soft foam and lay it on top of this plywood, then lay another piece of plywood over it (plywood, foam, plywood).. then I'll put a couple uprights with foam so that I can put the computer inbetween them and use a couple bungee's to secure it...

    Will that be a good way to shock mount the computer (since the computer weighs quite a bit, it should be fairly stable??)

    damn, another long winded message... I just cant seem to say what I want any shorter...


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    I dont see a problem with it.
    What im curently listening to.
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      the only problem i see.. is that you bring attention to your car.. IE i think it has a better chance of getting broken into.. but there are some people that'll bust a window for $5 on the floor
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        Hell man I would line the floor with some pillows put in some lights, one of those laser light shows things and make it a shaggin wagon.
        I borrowed my friend's aerostar once and put in a hammock in the back. I told him I put it so the next time we go on trips I could sleep in the back in style.
        Originally posted by menudude
        thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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          in my opinion, small is good, but the bigger, the better. but if you go big, you gotta make it look wicked. i dont know how you would do it if you are taking your carputer out all the time, but i am permanently installing my tower in my custom fiberglass dash. i think more people ought to put a big, more powerfull computer in their car.