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First Road Test Success!

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  • First Road Test Success!

    Voyager PC v1.0 - MP3 Box

    I road tested my PC today in my mini-van and it worked great! For my road test I simply put my desktop tower on a piece of wood on top of my spare tire behind my seat and strapped it down with a ratcheting tie-down (around case and tire). Only input as of right now is my ATI remote wonder since the little 7" CRT TV isn't very good at doing anything other than mp3 and visualizations. I've got the TV sitting on the floor strapped to a piece of wood at an angle tilted up towards the drivers side (for now).

    I'm using a Superex 600 watt inverter (connected directly to the battery).

    I drove around listening to mp3's on my tv's speaker (yes, tv speaker) LOL.. it was pathetic as far as the sound side of the equation goes, I dont have a stereo in the van yet, no speakers, no nothing... That's something I still have to figure out. I'm not sure what I'm going to do for the audio side of this project yet... Suggestions are welcome! (budget is key right now)...

    specs as of now: (v1 - MP3 Box)
    vehicle - 1986 Plymouth Voyager mini-van
    audio - nothing worth mentioning
    pc - AMD Athlon XP 1800+ (1.53 GHz), 640 mb ram, cd-rw, dvd rom, ~95 Gb hdd, ATI Remote Wonder, ATI Radeon 9000 Pro, SoundBlaster Live Value
    display - 7" CRT TV
    power - Superex 600 Watt Inverter

    Stuff I plan on doing in the future is miniaturizing the system (by getting another smaller motherboard and reclaiming my only PC), my tower is 17" tall and feels like it ways 30 pounds or more. Improving the sound system (a must!!), adding a 15" LCD (probably keep the tv in it for dual output), small keyboard and mouse, GPS and route planning!!

    I drive for a courier company and am in my van for over 9 hours a day so I really want to make this work! I'm going to test it on the job tomorrow (just for music) and see how it handles the abuse of our pothole infested streets.

    The reason I'm using what I have right now is I'm on a tight budget and cannot afford to build the system I want just yet, so I'm improvising...

    That was long winded! whew!

    Thanks for reading! Any comments or suggestions?


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    haha, thats funny, nice nigga rig!! whatever gets you by, you will be grateful when you get a smaller motherboard in dash lcd or whatever, til then have fun! lol
    92 Taurus SHO - Daily driver - Epia M10000 80GB 512mb 7" touchscreen, Opus PSU etc

    93 Black SHO - 30mpg cruiser

    90 Silver SHO - 419whp fun/project car, CarPC to come (for tuning)


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      I love the use of tires and wood. that is just killer man.
      When you goin to start pimpin it out??
      Originally posted by menudude
      thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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        very soon
        92 Taurus SHO - Daily driver - Epia M10000 80GB 512mb 7" touchscreen, Opus PSU etc

        93 Black SHO - 30mpg cruiser

        90 Silver SHO - 419whp fun/project car, CarPC to come (for tuning)


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          I used the computer in the van for the entire day today without a single problem! It worked great and even though I'm using a crappy speaker for the audio I was happy to at least have some sound! I really need to figure out a good sound system...

          It did not even reboot when I started the van, but to be safe when I had to leave the van and turn off the engine I pressed the power button on my computer and put it into Standby mode, then I would start the engine before resuming the computer. worked good and sound started pumping out within a second of hitting the button after it was in standby mode...

          now I really need to minimize the system somewhat!! what a pain in the *** to have to carry this thing in after work!!

          anyways, till I have more funds I have to continue using this system the way it is... I'm going to figure a better way to mount it than strapping it to a tire!! LOL

          Take Care,


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            Another day on the road with my PC tagging along. This time I used my desktop speaker (only one works, but it's better than the tv speaker) and now it sounds alot better.. I still need to work on a better sound solution though but this gets me buy for now...

            I programmed one of the buttons on my ATI remote wonder to goto Standby mode when pressed (using Wizmo). If I have to leave my van for extended times I standby the pc, turn off the tv and shut off the van (not in any particular order).. This morning I turned on the pc after connnecting it in the van and it didn't reboot or crash at all for the 10 hours it was in there!! I must have put the pc into standby mode at least 15 times through out the day.. The pc also works just fine when I start the vehicle, before I started this project I was worried I'd have to come up with a complicated solution to prevent reboots on engine start...

            I'm using DFX for winamp and it really makes the sound coming from the one speaker alot better, I cant wait to get some kind of sound system in there...

            ok, question... Has anyone used desktop speakers in there vehicles? I'm thinking of using a set of Altec Lansing 2100's in my van, I'd put the satellites under the dash grill where the crappy stock speakers are and hide the sub behind the seat or something... I know it'll sound good considering my one crappy desktop speaker sounds good. The 2100's will cost about $80 Cdn. which isn't too bad and easily withing my non existant budget...