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5.1 surround from my comp?

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  • 5.1 surround from my comp?

    i am puttin either a m10000 or shuttle comp in my car soon, and i simultaneously plan to run surround sound from my deck via an external processor.

    my question is, until i get the 800$ for the pxa-h700 5.1 unit, can i just y-split into the deck->amp rca's and connect the surround sound plugs in back of my audio card to these (connection before the amps) and be able to run surround sound from the system, but control the functions from the comp?

    my sound card is/will be the SB audigy2 24 bit card, sure you all know about it

    just wondered if its possible...otherwire ill just go through my deck aux in and wait til i can get that processor (keep in mind that i WILL get it is it worth the wait not to n-rig a surround sound mode for short term?)

    hope what im asking makes sense
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    Originally posted by stkdidy ntshidy
    until i get the 800$ for the pxa-h700 5.1 unit,
    You should be able to. Why even have a head unit though? Control the volume through the comp or the H700 when you get it. Oh you should be able to get the H700 for less. My local dealer sold it to me for $659. Thats what those shady internet companies sell if for and I know that I have a full waranty. If your alpine dealer doesn't work with you can them and find one that will.
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