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  • Throwing in the towel.....

    Hey guys,

    if anyone cares, just posted this on my website
    Well mp3swift is sadly no more. Came back to my car today at work to find all my audio gear (speakers/subs/amps/screen/computer/etc.) stolen by some lowlife piece of ****. In addition they decided that screwing up my passenger side door for the task at hand was a bright idea.

    It ****es me off that something which has taken up so much of my time and effort over the past few years could be taken away so very quickly and leave me very much angry with the whole situation. So to that effect im throwing in the towel and giving up on this project indefintely - and selling the car, since I cant stand driving it after some barstard has had their filthy hands on it.

    Thanks to everyone who has visited the site and/or dropped me an email over this time, it made it all worthwhile. The site will stay for archival purposes but the email address will die since I dont wish to answer anymore questions, nor do I want the 48+ spam emails that **** me every day anymore.

    Its a shame it had to end like this.... but if thats how things have to be then I give up.

    Yep, some **** has stolen all my mp3car/audio equipment and basically ended the hobby for me in the process. Considering that work has been getting more hectic and with less time to work on other projects anyway this is just the final blow that basically says "game over" to me.

    Like I wrote above, thanks for all the comments/questions over the last two years. But my mp3swfit email address is now nuked, and in addition Autoplay (which wasnt getting much attention anyway) is now canned/finished/over with. Thanks for everyones support with that too.....

    As you can probably tell im pretty angry and anoyed at the moment - but I guess all good things must come to an end.. and my involvement at any level with this hobby is now over with for me....

    best of luck 2 u all.....
    Project - GAME OVER :(

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    Don't Give Up

    It's a shame when people do things like that.

    I have run into many similar problems like this in my life although not with this mp3 project yet. Thieves are low-lifes.

    I can imagine how painful it is.

    Maybe give yourself some time off to think about it. You don't have to quit completely. Can you imagine what help you can give others over the next 20 years.

    The town didn't quit when the Towers fell! Maybe there's some support out there for the problem you face.

    Hang in there.



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      what a sad sorry...oh and its a flashback for me but i will never say game over till i die.. because i am putting cameras in my car and if i caught one bastuard trying to brake in . I will park my car the same place and hide somewhere where the person trying to jack my stuff cant see then seek up behind him and beat the **** out of him with a baseball bat.


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        Dont let some punk take away your interests. He is not worth it!
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          I am sorry that someone has taken the your enjoyment out of your system. I hope that in the future that you will change your mind and revisit the scene. We need people with your knowledge and skills.
          Stay with it and you will see that it is worth it.
          Never let the truth get in the way of a good story


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            damn man what a ****off i know how you feel i had my car broken into but luckly i only lost about 10cd's and the face of my cdplayer
            i would be devastated now if my whole carpc got stolen

            wishing you all the best

            donate to my team in the ****box rally all proceeds go to the cancer council


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              Goddamit! No doubt itll be hocked off for a bit of smack!
              What gear did you have in the car? Ill keep my ears open. YOu wouldnt believe how many low lifes who try and Hock off there stolen warez to me or my friends! Ive had the happen twice (the second time we caught the pricks about 2 weeks later) Dont let it discourage you. If it discouraged me I doubt id even have a car!


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                Dont even think about givinng up!
                If you quit now you will never forget it, its gonna bring your memories back each time you see lcd in someone's car. Dont waste your hobby because of some stupid-low-life-punk. Start over, and everything will be fine.

                "If today was perfect, there would be no need for tomorrow."
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                  I understand your pain. I was broken into once before. Nothing was stolen though. I was ****ed and I sold the car. I did not want to do anything to do with the car anymore. It also happened to me when some dumbass decided to crash into my car from the back. But I got back to where I was again. It does take time but it'll all come back to you.

                  Good luck with whatever you want to do in the future and drop by anytime.

                  - Lwin M. Maung
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                    I understand your pain....
                    My screen got stolen
                    so instead of using the Insurance $ for a new one,,,I bought a kick *** security system instead....

                    then saved up for a screen....

                    dont' give up....

                    just get more security!

                    alarm, window saftey film....


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                      Originally posted by bosstone74
                      I window saftey film....
                      Where do you get that stuff?? HOw much is it?


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                        I agree w/ everyone who says DO NOT GIVE UP!!! I had my car jacked cuz of the equipment too. Here's what I did: Got a better car and better equipment - FCUK THEM, their TOO low live to understand what it is to earn the money and spend it for things you like. And also, there's one more nice thing I have to say:
                        I just talked to a guy today who told me that THERE IS an insurance compnany(s) that cover you car stereo! They charge about 10% of the cost of the system a year and you have no headache. And of course, alarm is always good. So as soon as I find out what company it is (or if someone knows perhaps???) I will post it!!!

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                          Specific computer insurance might be worth looking into as well. There is a company called Safeway ( that provides such a service. I would suppose that this would cover a carputer as well?
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                            Next time, use one of these:
                            Smart Playlists Plugin for RoadRunner
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                              Sorry to hear about it bro.
                              I know how it feels....