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Firebird/ Trans Am MP3Car?!

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  • Firebird/ Trans Am MP3Car?!

    Anybody ever seen one?
    I need ideamakers.

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    As do I.

    As far as LCD mounting is concerned, it seems like the in-dash option is certainly the best. If you wanted to squeeze the HVAC controls down (and make a new bezel) you might fit a 7" in. If you relocate the HVAC controls to the center console (I've seen it once) you could get a nice sized LCD in there.
    A roof mounted one blocks the rearview mirror... The shifter takes up a lot of the center divider space. I don't want sunvisor LCDs... I think I do want a H/U setup...

    I'm in a tough situation.


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      which generation?
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        Mine is a 4th gen.


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          I've done it on my 95 Camaro once. I put the computer in the tiny trunk and mounted the video LCD infront of the grills.


          Do you have interior pics so that we can do a mockup?
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            I've got a 2000 Trans Am, and I'm going to see If I can get the screen where the factory radio is. If, not maybe I can make a pod that mounts where the TCS switch and cigarette lighter are in front of the shifter. Here's a pic of a guy's Firehawk that re-molded the radio bezel for a single-DIN radio. There looks like there's enough room there for a 7" LCD.

            Here's a pic of my car with the stock dash, for comparison:

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              Temporary setup with a 7"er. I was thinking about relocating HVAC... Do you think a 10.4" would fit nicely there?

              Also, if you cut out the braces and stuff, theres plenty of room for a computer and a few hard drives.


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                Some brightness would be nice...
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