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    does anyone know of a place in Virginia or a website that sells right hand drive vehicles? how did you guys who have the cars w/the steering wheels on the right who live in USA get yours?
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    and why on earth would you want a right hand drive if you live in the US ?
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      I saw some lefties when i was in japan last. go figure.


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        motorex imports skylines. kinda pricey but none the less right hand drive and legal.


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          You can probably goto government auctions and pick up Postal vehicles that're right hand drive. Not the Ice cream truck type but the Subaru Legacys and Saturns SL1. And yes Japan have both right hand drive and left hand drive. I've seen a few leftys in Japan that last time I went. When I was in Hong Kong, I saw a right hand drive Explorer, Taurus, and a Caddilac STS.
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            Apparently it's "cool" to have a right hand drive in the US. I have a friend from Hong Kong and he says it's cool to drive lefties. Go figure.

            Most of the RHD vehicles are imported, so you'd either:
            A) Pay big bucks to have one imported.
            B) Buy a pre-owned RHD import from somebody.

            It depends on what kinda car you're looking for. Some people can swap LHD for RHD and vice versa because the parts are available. It's a lot different when you're trying to get RHD in a domestic. You'd have to have a lot of money and have it custom done or something.


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              Originally posted by noodles
              I have a friend from Hong Kong and he says it's cool to drive lefties. Go figure.
              Does your friend from Hong Kong drive lefties in Hong Kong? It's just that my cousin from there says it's illegal...

              Driving a car with steering opposite side to the norm might be cool, but bear in mind the huge engineering obstacles and compromises these might offer. For example, I know the right-hand drive Peugeot 206 still have the wipers pushing rain on the wrong side and hindering the driver! But that's just being cheapskate... And right-hand drive French cars have notoriously poor driving positions with pedals never quite lining up centrally..... Might be different today though. Also, overtaking other vehicles could be tricky, and Euro truckers have this problem in the Uk.... but since I understand you're allowed to 'undertake' and overtake in the States anyway it wouldn't really matter.
              Anyway, you'd be a bit buggered at drive-thru's!!
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                Anyway, you'd be a bit buggered at drive-thru's!!

                Ask the GF to pay


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                  He says it's cool... whether it's legal or not.

                  Seriously though, it's only cool to have a right hand drive vehicle if you're a postal worker or if you've got a very nice import that you're trying to preserve.