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Glass toslink cables - safe for car?

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  • Glass toslink cables - safe for car?

    Or would they eventually form tinky cracks here and there...

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    Originally posted by psyclobe
    Or would they eventually form tinky cracks here and there...
    I would think it would hold up. But why glass? Are you having jitter problems with a plastic optical cable? The only real diffrence you would be apt to notice is the weight of your wallet.
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      ah, I wanted to address this for a LOOOOONG time.
      I have seen all sorts of "toslink" cable that are at most 6 feet (2m) long in stores, at widly varying prices, from the $5 cheapie to the $45+ monster cable..
      Here's the shocker. for these distances, there's no point whatsoever in using anything else than the basic 1mm diameter plastic optic fiber that's available for $.30 per foot at digikey. there's absolutely no need for glass fibers either in a car, especially because of the extremely reduced distances. it's not like you are sending the signal across a football field...

      the reason for the above is that the signal is transmitted digitally, with the little red light turning on and off at high speed. as long as the light gets to the receiver, the music will be sent to the other element without any loss whatsoever.

      so, spare your cash, and go for the cheapest one you can find...
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