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  • CB radio and carputer

    I have been doing some thinking lately and I was wondering, if anybody has tried or done this, or is it to red necky for us geeks? Interfacing a CB radio in thier carputer?!?!?! I have a half hour trip to work each day and on the way there I pass the local sheriff department right about shift change. I usually see people getting pulled over for speeding. Loads of people have CBs around here and they are better than a radar detector. I just thought it would be cool to have a computer twist on an old concept of talking to each other like in Dukes of Hazard.
    "I'm going back to Cali(Iraq), Cali(Iraq), Cali(Iraq), I'm going back to Cali(Iraq), Cali(Iraq), Cali(Iraq), I know so!!!!" Now I'm here!!

    By "ToneRiddle"

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    I dont know about Citizens Band, but I know in Amature Radio, there are many radios that interface with computers for computer control. I actually have a 2 meter radio in my work car that has computer interface port. But you have to have a amature radio license to operate it. (KD5TSJ) And its no where near Citizens band. But you are free and clear on CB, as long as you can find the radio. Another option is to just use your line in and Mic ports on your computer. You would just have to set up a relay to tell the radio that you are transmiting. And you would have to have some audio isolation transfomers on the lines, so your audio will be compatiable.


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      or you could do a search on cb software..

      Google Where art Thou?

      you know I was goin to leave this post sounding like a real jack *** but then I started thinking about it (Im from mississippi if it doesnt have boobs or a glass bottle it takes a while) it would be pretty pimp I have been trying to think of how I was goin to put in my cb and HU and my touch screen pff if there is software out there I can say screw it all and just get a touch screen
      Originally posted by menudude
      thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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        search, winradio is one program that a guy on here uses. he has a s10. icom has another one, but not sure if you can transmit. i dont think you are going to find any program just for cb channels, but it will probably include them.