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    I hope no one takes this the wrong way. I've been once again lurking this site (I believe the first time I found it was two or three years ago). This time around, my goals are different. I originally was going to build a carpc/mp3 player. Things were far less sophisticated back then from what I see here the last few weeks.

    Today, I have a pioneer mp3 player in second unit. Are people building these mainly for show? I got back into it because I was thinking of interfacing OBD-II, GPS, and DVD (DVD is a possibility....might not actually use it, but it's damn easy compared to the others). What else are people using carpc's for? I figure if I do it I want as many toys as possible......but I guess I don't see a reason to use mp3.

    Give me some insight. Is it just to say you built it, or to be different from Joe Blow who bought an mp3 player at best buy? If that is it, nothing wrong with it....I just want to see how people have pushed these. I also want to know why you did it-was it the challenge, or for something not easily available retail?

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    I dont like the lack of capability built into the display of my Pioneer MP3 player. I wanted more info available and easier ways to see what was available for playing. List scrolling. This, plus the added benefits of a really good GPS, car maintenance monitoring and DVD made up my mind to pursue this course.
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      I'm running a 120GB drive in my carputer. I'm sure thats far more storage than your getting with that Pioneer mp3 player. I've also ripped all my DVDs to the drive so I don't have to bring fragile discs along with me when traveling and everything fits fine on that huge hard drive.

      (edit) The drive in my carputer also serves as a backup for my home computer. I keep all my important files backed up to the carputer regularly. It's even better than using RAID because it's offsite. If my home computer was destroyed, I'd have an extra copy of most everything. I've had to use it twice for this purpose before because of hard drive failures (interesting that my home computer drive has failed twice, but the carputer drive is still going!).
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        I guess you probably asked just those who already have carputers, but here's my two cents I tend to toss around a lot.

        I've had MP3 in my car since the first Sony MP3 deck came out two years ago. I've been using winamp since just after it came out. Wow, six years ago? Anyway, One of the first things that bugged me was the inability of it to display ID3 tags. Also, like was already said, I'm already getting tired of changing and burning new discs to play. Admittedly, I don't have a huge MP3 collection, most of my music is still on commercial CD's.

        Plus, with all the ideas I've got for my car, a computer is the only easy way to do it all. I like the idea of in-car navigation and giving my wife something to do on long drives. (That keeps us both happy) I suppose the bling bling factor is there, it's just not my main reason. I want to build my car for me. Anyway, I'm not building mine like everyone else, so it's definately not to be like everyone else.

        In the end, do what you want, and if it makes you happy, do it.


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