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Problem with on Earthmate GPS

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  • Problem with on Earthmate GPS

    Hi guys,
    I am writing this so some of you may not run into the same problem I did with
    Couple days ago (Dec 1st, 2003) I search website and saw they have a deal on the Earthmate GPS $102.99 free S/H.
    Base on the image of the product, it's certainly a 2004 version. There was no mention of which version under the product description. shipped me the 2003 version and the box look totally different than what I intended to order. This is the similar product shipped me
    I wrote to them and demand an exchange for the product that look exactly like on their website. They wrote back and stated that I order the 2003 version.
    I wrote back to them and told them that I am was not order the 2003 version because there was no description of what version the product came with. I order base on the image of the product (what it looks like). They repied back and sorry for the misleading and offer refund if the product is no use to me.

    Well at this point, I am not sure I want to return the product or not. Because I don't mine getting the 2003 version. But what **** me off is that they didn't send the product that they advertised. If they have the image of the 2003 product on when I buy, I am much more please with the purchase.
    So my question (if any of you want to answer) is does that consider as "False advertising"? You advertised one but sell the other.
    Or does that consider as "deceptive sale static"?
    I am still wondering between "what the hell, just forget it" and "fu<k it and screw them up".
    If I want to go further, I can either call the credit card company (Visa) and have them do the talking with Amazon OR give my lawyer (a bro of my budy) a call.
    so the moral is "if you have a doub, ask them first before you buy".
    Okay back to the carputer business.
    2004 Matrix XR A7N8X-VM/400 AMD XP-M 2500+, DS-ATX
    89 Supra Turbo P3 [email protected]/Abit BE6 II, Alpine M-BUS Car2PC.
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