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aluminum welding/brazing/soldering??

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  • aluminum welding/brazing/soldering??

    Ok, I'm not crazy, I swear it. I was flipping through channels over the holidays and saw a infomercial (kind of, it was more like a product demonstration video you get when you buy a product) for something I should have bought on the spot.

    We all know it is very difficult to weld alumnium, but I saw an advertisment for something that was like solder for aluminum. They would heat the alumnimum to be repaired up with a normal propane torch and then touch it with a rod of this stuff which would instantly melt like solder. After cooling, it could be drilled, sanded etc. I thought the product was called "alumaweld" but all I can find on google is alumaweld boats.

    Has anyone ever heard of something like this? I have a couple of cracks in the aluminum case I built that I would like to fill.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I think it is Alumiweld. Been around for few years.

    they have a competitor called Alumaloy also. Mighjt want to check for them on the net.

    its cool you mentioned it cuz I think I have need of it for installing my amp rack in the trunk.
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      Yeah! That is the stuff! Thanks! Too bad it is so expensive, but I guess I'll get some sometime soon.


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        Compared Quality Welding

        Yup Alumi-Weld is good stuff, but there are better ones and some have been around longer:


        Muggy Weld (20 years)
        (melts at even lower temperatures than Alumi-Weld or HTS2000 yet is very hard bonding, driable and sandable) The 350 deg. multi-metal solder. Solders pot metal, aluminum, brass, bronze, copper, steel, pewter, lead, die cast and more! Individually or in any combination. 20,000 psi. They even carry in between strengths and this SSF-6 Silver Solder Flux coated rod with excellent cleaning action. Ideal for food and pharmaceutical applications. Wets even burned stainless steel. 100,000 psi.
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