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  • bout CB and Ham radios

    Ok this is just a question I was wondering bout today. Is there any such thing as a CB PCI card for the computer? to have a CB in your computer with a CB hand unit plugged in the back, or a mic under voice control or something. Anything at all like this? Was just wondering because in my the "mental idea phase" right now..I would like to have everything in the computer only. Not sure if I'm even gonna go with a HAM radio or CB radio, but was wondering if there was something out there so I could keep it kinda to the LCD display as much as possible.

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    yes there..... its like 500 bucks man

    I lost the link for a second

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    thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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        dont be a smart ***....

        the only problem with this radio is that with a itx board thats your one and only pci port so plan everything out first

        I dont see anything on their site about a lcd output but you could code soemthing (or have someone else do it...)
        Originally posted by menudude
        thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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          As far as I know there is not Ham Radio on a PCI board. There are a few software controlled radios out nowadays. Probably the best one I have seen now (although a bit pricey) is the ID-1 put out by ICOM. It is part of thier new D-Star stuff. It uses 1.2 Ghz, can recieve analog and digital signals, and has usb and ethernet ports on the radio. With 2 of these and some good antennas at a good hieght you can easily get about 50 miles.

          The usb connection will allow you to control the radio with the computer. It is suppose to be open specs, so those that are programmingly inclined can write thier own software for it. And of course the ethernet will plug into a standard NIC card. With 2 of these you can mount one in your trunk and run the usb and ethernet cables to your carputer. The other you can mount in a weather proof box up on the tower at your house and run the usb and ethernet cables down your tower to your network inside.

          I suggest putting the radio in the weather proof box on the town to reduce the loss of signal between the radio and the antenna in the feedline.

          The only issues with this setup at the moment are the legal ones. You must have and FCC (or appropriate government agency) issued Amatuer Radio Liciense to use it. And in the States, any encryption on the Ham bands is not allowed. A proposal has been put before the FCC to change that rule in Part 97 due to the new connections between Ham Radio and computers. Also you may not conduct any sort of buisness on the Ham Bands. (Sorry, eBayers!)

          The ID-1s can be set up with you call sign and have a list of call signs it will listen for. This would reduce people from being able to simply connecting to your system but with a little listening with one of these radios they could easily get your call sign.
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            there may be ham radio's, but what about CB? this is one thing im also interested in seeing as my mom is an avid CB user.
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              Very unlikely, unless you want to spend lots and lots of money and time on it. You can build a generic RF frontend and check out the GNURadio project...
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                Actually, it is illegal to use or modify ham eqquipment. They are type accepted which means that only machines designed for and approved by the FCC cam operate on the CB range. It is perfectly legal to do this to ham radios though. There the only typeof radio equipment normal users are allowed to modify and use. There are a few products out there, most under development. One gentlemen in a local ham group has just built a PCI board that completely handles the radio signal, and translates it to a digital output.


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                  It's possible to control a CB radio from a computer:

                  CB mods and data: