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New audio-visual breakthrough for Audi

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  • New audio-visual breakthrough for Audi

    Just read an article that was quite interesting... a quote below...


    New audio-visual breakthrough for Audi

    Jan 9th, 2004: Audi AG - DVD satellite navigation and MP3 music storage technology brings the future to Audi drivers ahead of time

    New in-car technology available from next month for A3, A4 and A4 Cabriolet models
    Derived from the much-praised Multi Media Interface first seen in the A8 luxury saloon
    DVD-based satellite navigation system brings convenience of full Western European mapping on one disc and features new split screen facility
    Two MP3 slots enable space efficient digital transfer of thousands of favourite music tracks from computer to car using MP3 memory cards

    Responsible yet again for pushing back the technological boundaries in the premium sector, Audi has just launched a unique new in-car MP3 digital music and DVD-based navigation system that it claims is the most sophisticated in the world. The breakthrough system will be available to order from February 2004 for A3 and A4 Saloon, Avant and Cabriolet models at an extra cost of 2,175

    The basis for this unique new driver aid is the MMI Multi Media Interface system launched to critical acclaim in the A8 luxury saloon. Its user friendly, logical function keys and screen layouts have been further simplified for this second-generation version, which features a 6.5-inch colour screen that slides smoothly downwards at the touch of a button to reveal the navigation DVD drive and two MP3 memory card readers.

    The MP3 readers enable digital music downloaded from a PC and stored within space efficient MP3 memory cards (MMC and SD formation) to be played through the Audi audio system. As each memory card is capable of holding hundreds of tracks, an entire easily accessible music collection can be transferred from home to car and back in a jacket pocket.

    The DVD-based satellite navigation system has a memory ten times larger than conventional CD ROM systems, enabling greater data storage for more comprehensive, more detailed mapping and faster route calculation times. Exceptionally clear road maps covering virtually the whole of Western Europe are now contained within one DVD for maximum convenience, and these are combined with pictograms giving precise direction, distance and arrival time information.

    This simple functionality is enhanced by a new split screen facility which enables step-by-step route instructions to be displayed directly alongside the main navigation map, and lists future turns and motorway exits well before they are required.
    Car: 2000 Audi A4 Avant 1.8t
    Carputer 2.0: removed. Back to stock.

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    I have purchased a brandnew Audi A8 in November 2005 (the face lifted model - "single frame") here is the real story: No MP3 whatsoever possible !

    I decided to do my own thing again and port my old BMW CarX to Audi - here is the result:

    check out

    It is the latest Audi A8 layout. Supports MP3, Video and Speed trap warning - absulte same look and feel as the Audi original. PC video and audio plug into the TV-module, and a steering wheel knob integration already works as a prototype in my car. All details explained on the website

    Here is how I cabled things (actually had them cabled by Audi...)


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      Very Cool.

      Does it work the same on the RSN-E nav units? I have a Euro A6 RSN-E unit in my 2000 S4.


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        Not to be difficult, but this sounds like Honda's system. Honda has arguably the best Navigational system on the market. Some are either overly complicated and clutzy or not sophisticated enough.

        And what's the point of two MP3 card slots? With that much music, you're either an audiophile, or music is what absolutely gets you through life (or somewhere in between). Either way, you've more than likely invested in an iPod.

        I love the A8's layout. Very James Bondish.