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    Currently building a community for all us UK members, containing everything from UK suppliers to circuits & reviews. Anyone got any idea's they'd like to throw into the pot?


    PS. I'm also looking for some people willing to put together reviews on carpc hardware/software. email [email protected] - The UK CarPC Forum

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    Well, I found out that Diamondpoint are a UK agent for the Dr-Berghaus range of TFT controller boards. I've just orderered a replacement controller, and cable set for the Toshiba screen I have after I broke the original controller. Cables, Controller, OSD panel, and p&P and VAT came to 189 and they will sell single orders as well as account buying.

    I can offer any assistance if I you want it. Work for a web dev firm in Manchester, as well as being into the carPCs as a hobby.
    4x4 in a turbo stylee.


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      I can certainly try to help out

      With my 600 odd posts here i'm sure I can dig up enough information I've posted to last someone reading solidly for a week!

      Co-Developer of A.I.M.E.E


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        cool, the site is (I think we need to encompass more than just mp3 playback these days)
        Skraggy - how are your php skills?
        James - The UK CarPC Forum


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          I can knock togethersome bits and pieces.
          4x4 in a turbo stylee.


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            I think a good idea would be a hardware section and categories such as Audio, PSU, Motherboards etc with useful items and some suppliers.


            USB adaptor suppliers
            PCI card Exitgy suppliers
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              Can't offer much in the way of tech help, but as a UK member I can offer my support. (And most likely cheap second hand goods that I've bought in error...).
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                OK can we continue this on the actual site?


                forums are online....
       - The UK CarPC Forum


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                  what i'd like to do is have reviews/prices/suppliers in type categorys - ie: motherboards would have epia800/m1000's, shutdown controllers zootjeff's/ITPS etc.
                  will make it easier for people to compare hardware - atm you have to trawl through these forums to find avaliable products....
         - The UK CarPC Forum