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Which CPU is faster, M9000 or PII450?

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  • Which CPU is faster, M9000 or PII450?

    First off, which is faster a PII 450 or a M9000 (933)? Just asking because I know the Epias cpus are slower than a comparable chip by AMD or Intel, I'm just wondering by how much. I am currently trying to decide which I should use for my carputer. Thanks

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    I would have to say the P9000. Less heat also.
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      If I remember correctly when I did benchmarking on my M10000 (eden) It came equivilent to somewhere around the same as a Celeron 500 for the most part.
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        So in all likelihood they would probably be very similar, the PII being slightly slower.


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          If M10000 = Celeron 500

          and if PII 450 > Celeron 500

          then PII 450 > M10000

          and if M10000 > M9000

          then PII 450 is definately better than M9000