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Is it possible to connect to headunits?

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  • Is it possible to connect to headunits?

    hi, i would like to install 2 headunits (one being OEM the other being kenwood)

    I'd like kenwood to do everything, but the OEM just to have power so i can see the clock, and the car looks like it hasnt been changed.

    From the OEM unti i'd like to control the volume and turning the power onto the kenwood if possible?

    my car is a honda civic 2004 model hatchback. headunit model 3yfc

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    one question, WHY?

    Yes you could do it, but It would never be worth the time, effort, or money. I'm not saying it'd be all of these things, but atleast two.
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      I'll hold off from using the R word on you for now....

      well its an ok reason....
      I know of a completely hooked up chevelle that had the factory AM/FM/8-track wired into the new deck for nostalgia sake, but beyond that I don't see a point to daisychain them.
      but if you want to do it you need to asses the units in question
      if there are RCA preout's on the slave unit and Line-In on the main you will be fine
      you'll need to see if kenwood has pre-outs (which it probably does)
      then see if you can get a line in convertor for your factory deck
      don't use any FM modulators, or transmitters, because they will interfere with the kenwood and it would just be pointless


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        :: scratches head ::

        I understand the decoy element, espicially if your kenwood is a fold up/flip face. But why would you want to control the kenwood audio through the OEM unit? You bought the kenwood to get better sound than your OEM so why would you want to then degrade the kenwood by having it go through the OEM?


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          i think u guys missed the point, yeah u can just connect power up to your OEM head unit and youll be able to see your clock...

          were would u mount the kenwood? in your glovebox? their would be no point in keeping your OEM headunit if ure gonna install the kenwood straight under it.
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            lol, i knew i would be getting questions like this

            i know there isnt much point of having two head units, but i thought i might as well if it was cheap to do.

            i'll end up just installing the kenwood headunit i think.

            but thanks for the help anyway


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              You could try and make a cover for the kenwood to make it look OEM... I know of a guy who used smoked plastic (like the sony black fronted HUs) and some customed control overlay to make his aftermarket look OEM. Didn't look great, but I'm sure you could do a better job