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    Ok, i'm not real sure about the best place to post this, so i figured "General" would do..

    I'm just posting to let everyone know about my new website which simply details my project as it progresses.

    My project, called RLion, is based in a Holden Commodore VR (yet to be bought) in Sydney, Australia. It encompasses everything from GPS positioning to automatic 802.11b stumbling & logging to real time engine stats, using an XBOX as the multimedia center, throught he carputer and into a very nice stereo system indeed.

    I am currently in the planning and aquision phase of the project, meaning that i dont have the gear, but i'm researching the fjuck out of everything, planning and working out all the gear before it goes in.

    I created the website to help me organise my thoughts, ideas, plans and progress, and also to allow my friends to throw ideas and plans into the fold as well.

    This site may or may not be of any use to you, but i encourage anyone to check it out at least once to see the scale of the project being undertaken.

    Note: Alot of ideas etc i still have in my head, and are not down in the content section of the website. Theres ALOT to type in, so give it a bit of time.

    Theres also a forum for people to discuss aspects of the project, as well as ask questions and i will explain everything that i'm doing, or alternatives for different situations as much as I can.

    the URL:

    Thanks for time guys,