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  • Need some causality

    Last night my xenon went out. i thought that the thing went into a sleep mode like it normally does sometimes. but it was black, the power light was on but the monitor appeared dead. I fiddled and waited a few hours. Then I started up the car again and it worked. later that night the car wouldnt start like it was battery dead. i went to fiddle with the terminals on the battery and when i opened the hood there was a clicking noise like a spark sparking reapeatedly. So i fiddled the terminals and the noise went away. I started the car and everything was good. Then it died again in like 30 min. Then it came back on and died again in less time. it doesn't come on now.

    After the last time the monitor went out i unplugged it from the cigarette lighter, (was there because I hadn't hard wired it to the opus I haven't gotten yet) the whole car dimmed and the speakers emited a loud crackle and hiss. The power light didn't return to the green light on the monitor. so I've unplugged and need some ideas on what the **** happened and what I can do with it.