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Assigning Album Art to Multiple MP3s at Once

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  • Assigning Album Art to Multiple MP3s at Once

    So I have a hundred or so albums meticously organized and ID3 tagged. Having recently gotten an ipod and being in the final stages of installing my carcomp, I decided to use itunes to add album art to all of my songs. It worked great and I do see art for every song while in itunes. However, playing songs in mediaengine or viewing the actual file's ID3 tag OUTSIDE of itunes yeilds no album art. After much time on , I have yet to find an ID3 editing program that can assign artwork to MULTIPLE songs at once. Sure they'll all allow for editing the artwork a song at a time but that is no fun. Does anybody have any suggestions. thanx

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    I am reading the art out of files tagged with Itunes just fine, it is more likely an error in the implimentation of the programs id3 readers.

    Itunes does do some funky things with genre, but most current readers read them fine.
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      don't know if this will help or not, but I just discovered Mp3 Tag Tools on Just jump on there and do a search for it. It lets you edit the tags of multiple files at once, including pics..
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        Yeah itunes has been fine with every other aspect of the tag including genre. I just recently got all my songs down to 9 genres. Thanks for the link too.


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          Tag&Rename will do it

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