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Noise in my Radio

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  • Noise in my Radio

    Hi. I`ve got some problems with my PC. I`m using an Athlon 900 Board with 1 HDD and an Soundblaster Live Player 1024 Soundcard. For the Power, an 100 Watt DC-AC converter is used.

    I`m hearing a lot of noise in my radio, from the generator or something other. How can i destroy these noise?

    Then the Disply (Lilliput) is flickering a little bit, when car is running. My English is not very good, so sorry for this.

    Please Answer.

    Thank you very much.

    (Deutsche auch gerne deutsch, soweit vorhanden.

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    That noise is almost certainly because of the inverter.

    Try this:

    Take a piece of wire, and attach it to a bit of bare metal on the casing of your power supply. Run this to the same ground as the rest of your audio equipment - especially the inverter.

    The Lilliput flickering is probably because of the engine running, and it not being regulated power.

    To fully fix both problems, get yourself an Opus power supply, and wire the screen directly into the Opus

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