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    This Is For All The Aussie Guys Here,

    Car Audio Australia has created a specific part of the forum for us aussies to share knowledge, ideas, how to incorperate into a factory audio system, etc.. for all the car computer guys. I recommend tha tyou guys come visit and leave some of your knowledge for the others and also ask questions too.

    Cheers Mark, (CAA Vic State Rep)
    come and check us out !!!!

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    yep its a good site just dont buy anything from dv8te he is a ripoff scumbag and when you put a post on the forum about him it gets deleted and you get a warning

    donate to my team in the ****box rally all proceeds go to the cancer council


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      nice, will be happy to
      It aint no family car.

      SEE MK2 At : -


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        nice, will be happy to
        It aint no family car.

        SEE MK2 At : -


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          Good to see someones done it...i dont think there is too many of us on here...


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            Hey, heres something i got sent to me, you prob already know this but anyway here the official ****, just so u got an excuse wen tha fuzz pull u ova. Hope this is useful.

            Schedule 4 Vehicle standards

            27 Driver's view and vehicle controls

            A motor vehicle must be built:
            (a) to allow the driver a view of the road and of traffic to the front and
            sides of the vehicle so the driver can drive the vehicle safely, and
            (b) with its controls located so the driver can drive the vehicle safely.

            42 Television receivers and visual display units

            (1) A television receiver or visual display unit must not be installed in a
            vehicle so any part of the image on the screen is visible to the driver from
            the normal driving position.
            (2) However, subclause (1) does not apply to:
            (a) a television receiver or visual display unit that cannot be operated
            when the vehicle is moving, or
            (b) a driver's aid in any vehicle or a destination sign in a bus.

            Examples of driver's aids:

            1 Closed-circuit television security cameras.
            2 Dispatch systems.
            3 Navigational or intelligent highway and vehicle system equipment.
            4 Rear view screens.
            5 Ticket-issuing machines.
            6 Vehicle monitoring devices.
            (3) A television receiver, or visual display unit, and its associated
            equipment in a vehicle must be securely mounted in a position that:
            (a) does not obscure the driver's view of the road, and
            (b) does not impede the movement of a person in the vehicle.

            Also, i'll be in the hunt for a touch screen in the next couple of months, any of you guys using that lilliput on ebay, the 7 or 8" one? On the other hand, is there any places in Oz that sell something similar for the sae price? Cheers - Raymond