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    I have an opportunity to get 2 pairs of Audiobahn speakers, model number AS65Q, for my car and I needed an opinion from someone who has them, or has used them in the past.

    What is the sound quality?
    Do they hold up at rated RMS?
    Good base response?
    Overall Happiness?


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    Any Audiobahn users/stereo buffs out there?


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      In my own opinion, for whatever it's worth: Audiobahn is of average quality and overpriced.


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        What if I get them for $30 a pair from a friend? Does it make a difference if you feed them the rated RMS power, as I know most people tend to underpower their speakers.


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          I use Audiobahn products and the only way I will switch to another brand is if they where to stop making them. $30 a pair i would of jumped on them. I'm not sure on the underrating but I know that they even work extremly loud even when you under power them. I have 2 10"dvc subs each wired at 2ohms in a band pass box wired to a 200W clarion in stereo mode and they pound hard as hell. I have even had them hooked up to a 1000 sony amp with no problems so they can take quite a bit of range differance
          2002 Oldsmobile Alero GL2 4DR
          Aleroputer 90% done (ripped out and being rewired)
          Pioneer Head unit in a remote location, Clarion Amp, XM Satilite Radio, 2 10" Audiobahn DVC Subs wired 1 ohm in a bandpass box, Grill Mesh, Halo Guages


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            Point of reference, mine will not be subs, rather 3 ways with removable tweeters and crossovers installed to make them into psuedo-components