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Headunits with red lights?

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  • Headunits with red lights?

    What are your recommendations for a headunit with red illumination? I want to match my dash lights. Do Alpine headunits still have a red option? The only real requirement is aux in. I would like to have a physical volume knob, but I realize that is getting harder to find.

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    My JVC KD-SH9750 has red illumination for the buttons, blue for the display and volume, which just happens to be a knob too.Linky


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      My Eclipse 5423 has an option to switch between green (default) and red (my preference). I only purchased this CD player back in August (2k3), but I can not seem to find any info on their site. Retail is somewhere around $250-300 USD but I only payed about $220.

      Hope this helps,

      Btw: The 5423 is an awesome CD player with many great features. Without it, my system would have so much thump. (It has a built-in crossover, 3 sets of 5v pre-outs [front,rear,non-fader], and sub volume controls.)

      EDIT: Wow, "wylie-c" beat me by just 5 minutes.....that's how long this post took to type!


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        i used to have a sony xplod with red illumination, it was a solid hu too


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          I bought a crappy Dual hu with red illum...Only reason why I bought Dual is it's extremely cheap and have a AUX in. How cheap u said? How about $40 from Best Buy?


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            I think all fosgates are red or most of them Xplods are also mainly red.
            Originally posted by menudude
            thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...


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              All Pioneers I know of has dual-color illumination, red or green, my deh-6100r blends in in my Audi just perfect. Here with the green:
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