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Sub install [DONE] !!!

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  • Sub install [DONE] !!!

    We finally got my subs done. The idea behind the install was to make an enclosure that used as little trunk space as possible, while maintaining 0.65 CU FT for both of the 10" Rockford Fosgate Punch Stage-2 subs. The only option, fiberglass back.

    Masked off back with MDF sides

    Box with 3 layers of fiberglass on it. Just for a strength test, three people stood on it without any flex. VERY strong!

    Prelim box with subs mounted.

    Me sitting in the trunk adding some extra Brown Bread to the inside (product relative of Dynamat, but cheaper).

    Amp rack without carpet

    Uncarpeted finished sub box. The blue is factory matched to my Atlantic Blue paint.


    This is a torx bit TWISTED by the rear seatbelt mount bolts. We couldn't remove the seatbelts so we ended up drilling an additional grounding point for the 4-gauge wire.

    All in all, a very clean install. The sub box is unfortunatly not my work, but that of a fellow Focus owner on Well worth my $225 for the box.. he should've charged me atleast $300 for it. Pictures do not do the box justice and I think it sounds great. 100w RMS is plenty of sub power for me.
    2000 Ford Focus ZTS

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    Do you do installs for a living? That's mighty professional looking.
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      Very, very nice. Great job.
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        Very nice! but psst, you seem to be missing something, or is it hidden?

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          This is essentially 1/3rd of the install. The other 2/3rds is the CarPC, a camera security system and the relocation of my radio. Look for all that equipment to be comming soon with the same level of professionalism in the install.

          The main reason it is taking so long is because of the custom heatsinks and tubing that I made. Lemme just say that custom 100% copper heatsinks are expensive and require some serious funding to get right. I am also waiting for a higher wattage OPUS PSU to be released.
          2000 Ford Focus ZTS


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            sweet install man
            Originally posted by menudude
            thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...