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  • Mounting Question

    So I'm getting ready to mount my display in my car, Here are two pictures of what my dash looks like:

    I'm mounting a 10.4" Allbrite Display. Originally i was going to mount it vertically, but after ripping apart the dash i found out that if i grind just a tad bit of material out of the vinyl underneath the bezel i will be able to make it fit horizontally.

    I plan on getting rid of my head unit, and I definitly want to actually mount it to the dash. I was thinking of making some sort of popout chassis for it, but i don't like the way it would look.

    My options would be:
    1.) to mount it High, block off the vents, and put my HVAC controls at the bottom of the doulbe din opening.
    2.) Mount it below the Vents, and put the hvac in the glove box.

    Mounting it low seems to have the advantage of my hand having ot move less when it's on the shifter, keeping my vents, but reaching over to the glove box every time i want to adjust the HVAC. I originally planned on computerizing the HVAC controls, but it uses a vaccuum and a physical cable.

    Mount it high would have a better viewing angle, allow me to keep my HVAC controls, but end up losing my vent. Being how i have a convertible i would think mounting it low to be better for glare.

    I also plan on adding a slim DVD player in the future... either in the dash or glove box.

    I'm really not sure which way to mount this so i was hoping some of you guys could give me your opinions.


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    id mount it right under the heat vents and move your controls down. maybe even movie your heat vents down
    Pete Kastner


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      where would i move my controls down to? there isn't enough room really unless i start really hacking and slashing and try to move those bottons down next to the cig lighter which i don't think i'd be able to do well, not to mention i'd have to start hacking away at support peices back there.


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        maybe right whare the defrost button is. im sure you could use a smaller button for tho's
        Pete Kastner


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          I think your screen might be to big to fiberglass into the dash comfortably. I work at a ford dealership and I know your screen isnt going to fit horizontally. Maybe consider a smaller screen.
          1997/Honda/Civic HB


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            I think It will fit horizontally... comfortably, i agree, it won't be comfortable. I have a convertible and i want something that won't give me problems during the day, and the allbrite i have won't.

            I think i'm going to end up blocking off the vents and mounting it at the top. Reaching over to the glove box to change the temp just doesn't appeal to me. And mounting it where the radio is would be even more difficult as the dash narrows as it goes lower. Putting it near the top already requires a bit of cutting into the vinyl.

            I got some aluminum that i'm going to use to make a mounting bracket to mount it to the 'frame' that's back there. As for making the bezel fit i haven't decided much yet, but i'll figure something out


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              ditch the radio and put it where the radio is