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  • Cigarette plugs

    Just a quick question. I have a cigarette plug for a tv booster for my car, but i want to hardwire it. Which is positive and which is negative. ie. is the pin the positive, and the 2 outer plates are negative?

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    Unless it is something odd, all the plugs I have seen are positive tip, and ground on the sides.
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      yepp your both right tip is pos side is neg


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        i've hardwired a cigarette plug before, but can't recall exactly what i did. now, i'm attempting to do it again with the cigarette adapter for my belkin fm transmitter. so i opened it up and noticed the the positive wire was connected to a spring. the spring had a glass fuse rated at 250V/500mA, and the fuse was attached to the tip.

        so my question is... if i'm going to hardwire it, do i need the fuse in line with the positive connection? or do you think the fuse is utilized in illuminating the LED on the adaptor itself? i noticed that the transmitter itself says "DC input 12.0v/200mA".

        thanks for the help.
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          The fuse is used for the fm transmitter supply (it is inline with the tip). You should keep the fuse and wire it inline.
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