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Question Concerning fan wattage

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  • Question Concerning fan wattage

    Hey everyone ,

    I was wondering if anyone knew how many watts are needed to power a 120mm fan. I am thinking about getting a solar panal to power this.

    My general idea is to have a fun running during the daylight hours to keep the air going in and out of the case. I think this should at least help with cooling as long as the air keeps circulating throughout the day.

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    Depends on the fan. Assuming these are representative:

    as little as 3.6W and as much as 6.8W depending on airflow required. Possibly more.
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      Look on the center of the fan. On one of the stickers it should give you the voltage and current it needs.

      We've discussed that idea some here:

      Will you have air cominging in and out of the car too? Will your computer be on during the day?
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