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    I did a quick search and didn't find anything relevant. maybee it was hiding past page 2.

    I"m switching car insurance providers in a few weeks and i decided to ask the representative about coverage for my carputer when i install it, i described it to him as "a custom navigation and music system". He wants to know exactly what it consists of. I'm guessing it would be a bad idea to say it's a hardwired desktop computer? I guess i could say it's running a 'custom OS" which wouldn't be to far off the truth if i install Gentoo! lol, or if i change the explorer shell on windows. But seriously, is there anything i should be aware of as what to tell and not tell an agent about the system?


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    Does it really matter if it IS a desktop system? I think all that matters is that it will be permanently mounted and integrated into the car.

    As far as he is concerned, I'd tell him it's an "Asus control board, with an Intel processor running on a modified Windows-based operating system."

    He just needs to know what exactly they will be insuring, how much $$$ it's worth, and the likeliness that it will be stolen (or by it's presence might even instigate a theft attempt). If your system is mounted in the trunk, hidden from view, and the screen looks OEM, I don't think there should be a problem.

    Any other opinions?


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      well my thoughts were a desktop system with an interface molded into my dash is essnetially illegal in every state because you have the ability to watch movies and be "distracted" So i assumed that would cause problems to an extent and i don't know how much the insurance angency will care.


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        What he said...

        I like how Banderon worded it and would only tell the insurance agent that it is a custom system for sound and navigation. So what if it also plays movies? That's none of his business. If you use DeLorme or a comparable product with a voice engine, then it is a handsfree device... insurance agents like hands free stuff (I wonder if they'd buy that I could have a hands free steering wheel?).

        I have no problem keeping some of the details from my insurance agent. I know he does the same for me.

        Hope this helps,


        PS - DeLorme is a GPS capable mapping program. Forgot to mention that. Rand McNally and Microsoft also have similar products.
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          And also, the fact that you could watch movies on it doesn't mean you would. I could take my kitchen knife and go on a killing spree, but that doesn't mean I would. It's not their place to decide what you have in your car, as long as you don't use it for illegal purposes.


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            we discussed this a couple years ago, and the consensus was to just take pictures of everything bolted down and not tell your insurance agent what ya got.

            The reasoning behind it is that you are only gonna need the insurance if it gets stolen. If you tell them you've got it, then they are gonna raise your rates. Then, if it does get stolen, they raise your rates again.

            so long as you've got reciepts, pictures, and the proper insurance coverage, they have to cover the stolen stuff--no matter what it is
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              Better yet, don't insure it. Save your insurance dollars to protect yourself against significant financial loss. Everything else is a gamble you are nearly certain to lose.
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