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Car Cell Antenna questions

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  • Car Cell Antenna questions

    Anybody know if I should buy some kind of car antenna for my p5 with the new motorola professional install car kit? I've seen some that stick on the interior glass, and then there are ones like this:
    This one mounts outside on the glass and doesn't need wires, but I have no idea how well this works.

    Here's the kind that miunts on the interior glass:

    I guess I could always get an antenna with a wire that mounts outside, but I dont really want to, and I have no idea how I'd get a wire out to the exterior.

    Please let me know any suggestions on what I should do. The kit isn't here yet so I dont know yet if the antenna on my cell is good enough or not.


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    Those links donít work.

    From my experience Iíve found that passive external antennas despite the marketing hype simply donít work. Any db gains the antenna might bring get lost in the adapters and wire length to the antenna. An active system with a repeater would yield tangible results but they cost upwards of $1000.


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      darn, i just bought one..
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