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Liftgate latch challenge

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  • Liftgate latch challenge

    Looking for advice here. I know its electronics but not sure where it fits and thought someone on here could take a stab at it.

    On my 2011 Equinox I push a button on the key fob and the lift gate opens and closes. When it closes the power ram bring the lift gate down. once the lift gate comes down then a motor on the latch then kicks in and draws the lift gate tight or two the second latched or lock positon. Once it is tight it all shuts off.

    Ok now to the challenge. I have a street rod build going on. I have a power ram that opens and closes the trunk. When I close the trunk the ram because of positioning does not close the trunk to the second latch or tight. I bought a equinox latch and want to use it to "draw" the trunk in tight once the ram gets it to the first latch position.

    I am looking at how would I push a button on my key fob to start the ram once it brings it down to the latch to the first click then the power to the latch would kick in and draw the trunk down tight?

    I bought the latch and the Lift gate control module thinking I could get the system out of the equinox to work stand alone but the control module runs off the body control module and many other factors.

    Is this possible to do with relays? Maybe a circuit board someone could make?

    I hope someone could point me in the correct direction even if it is to a different forum or something


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    I think you would need a microswitch, or a halleffect / proximity sensor. You would use a sensor to detect when the gate is in the latching position. when it is, the switch can activate a relay which could switch off power from the lifting ram and apply it to the latching claw.

    More advanced, Instead of a switch or sensor, you could possibly use a current-detector. When it detects amperage past a certain level (the lifting ram stalling will draw much more current), it could trigger an output to the latching claw.

    Do you have a picture of your modules, lifting ram, latches?... is your system already operational where push of one button it will open/close the gate, just not latch fully?


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      Yes you are correct. I can push a button and it will bring the trunk down or up. When it comes down it is not pulling at the correct angle to latch the claw. That is why I bought a latch out of an equinox as it bring the liftgate down then somehow once it is in the first click of the latch the latch will draw down tight.


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        Does anyone have any ideas or even maybe another forum you could direct me too that would deal with electronics to help me get this set up?


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          Wondering if any one on here has any ideas or suggestions. In my 1951 Ford I have installed a power ram in the trunk to open and close the trunk. When the trunk comes down it does not have enough force to latch the trunk in the second click. I noticed my 2011 equinox has a power lift gate that opens and closes just like I want to do on my ford. when the liftgate gets down the power latch then draws or sucks the lift gate in the rest of the way and then shuts off. So I went out and bought an equinox power lift gate latch and "brain box" from the lift gate I can get the latch to release and latch by connecting power to certain wires. (I have wiring diagrams). I was wondering if you have any ideas on how to get this to work just like my equinox when you push the trunk button the latch releases and the lift opens. When the lift gate is open and you push the button the lift gate closes once it gets to the latch the latch grabs it and sucks it down tight then shuts off. I can't seam to get the lift gate control module I bought with it to go anything. Can this be done with relays and resistance detectors on the wires?
          Like I said a long shot