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  • Carputer Refrigeration

    It seems as though solutions for cooling car computers has taken three real directions. All of which have their advantages and disadvantages.
    • A/C based cooling
    • Radiator based water & air cooling
    • Seperate Refrigeration

    I'd like to share my ideas on the seperate refrigeration part of the topic because the radiator water & air cooling are being covered by WizardPC in a seperate topic.

    As some of you know, I am in the midst of my first carputer install. Being in the middle of my first, I wanted to try something that not many people on this board have tried before and has proven to work in standard land-tied systems. I think the solution is so simple that many of us eliminate it as a possibility because it just seems too difficult to actually construct.

    My idea involves a typical "" that can both heat and cool. The computer would then be installed directly inside the fridge. This method could almost eliminate worries of moisture because the cooled area is sealed from the outside. The only worries that this creates is does this system have enough cooling ability to remove the heat the system puts into the air (only real way to test it is to do burn-in tests). This would also involve adding a small circuit to the on/off to allow me to run the fridge when the car is off, maintaining a pre-determined temperature, and ensuring I don't drain the damn battery.

    Basically, I'd like to get some feedback as to how feasable the project seems. Or get ideas from other people that have done something similar.
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    i edited the link.. it was bad.. you had the desciption and name reversed. I never looked into refridgeration..but would that produce water in the system?
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      I'll make it easier for you, take desktop computer, remove case, put it in a real fridge (in your home). Run the computer with playing DVDs and such (basically give it load). I would give your fridge several days before the compressor storts knocking.
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        the mini fridge is the same as any peltier or tec cooling system.

        The tec basically assure a difference between its 2 sides.

        problem is: if you cannot get rid of the heat on the outside of the fridge (more heat when warming products inside - if its hot summer you might have trouble) then the "cold side" is heating too...

        Its workable, but you must take care about it.

        If you don't know what's your doing, I wouldn't advise... if you read a lot on peltier cooling, I would say the mini fridge is a great idea...

        but still: do you need it THAT cold?


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          it's a waste of power. Use more efficient ways to cool your boad.

          If you want to get really involved in this, I would use a liquid cooling system on your board and put your cooling core in an AC duct. Most of the heat comes from your processor, closely followed by the chipset on the video card. You can get multiple CPU blocks (for your cpu, chipset, and vid card) and run them in series.

          This system will save much more power than the mini-fridge idea and send your temperature control right where it needs it.
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            i agree with Dr Jeckyl