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  • Legality issues

    What are the legality issues of a carputer?
    What can you do with it that is legal?
    and what things are illegal?

    i've heard issues about playing video while you are driving,
    is this only if it is tilted toward you?
    or can they give it to you no matter what?

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    If a cop's a dick, he'll find something to peg you on. If he's cool, h'll leave you alone.

    Basically, don't drive like an *** with a carputer setup. Be considerate, and cops won't tick you about it.
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      just what he said.. also i know a lot of NY state troopers and they said pretty much the same thing as you. Also they noted that if the computer is on and you are in an accident the other insurance company will probably try to come after you for partial fault in the accident even if its not your fault. The execption is if you get rear-ended that is.

      I've had a friend that got hit by a guy that admited he ran a red light and the driver couldn't sue for hospital bills cause the passanger said he was eating cookies at the time of the accident.
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        In the case of rear-ending... you ever drive behind an SUV with a screen? It's like there's a headlight in front of you right in your eye... and the headlight is playing DVDs.


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          Yeah ... when I expand my system into the rear seat, I'm gonna use headrest displays each with their own power switch. I don't wanna get rear-ended by someone mesmerized by my entertaining rear-facing headlights.
          If at first you don't succeed, so much for skydiving!


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            I watched a great porn on my way to nashville!

            Thnx You Mr.Suv From Alabama! I Salute You! (more ways that one)
            Originally posted by menudude
            thank you all for your help minus the useless post by sjlucky...