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    Just wanting a discussion on consumer products. Every time I watch TV I see advertisements for new cars, all of them come with navigation nowerdays. It makes me sick, People have been doing this for years and then they advertise it on TV as having a cutting edge navigation system. Grrr People take away hobiests hobby's and make a package that people can buy and use without all the trouble we went thru developing it. Just makes me sick. Any one have any thoughts on this??
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    agreed, perhaps the CARputer option will be present in 2006 S-Class Benzies....

    It's nice to see companies incorporating new technologies into their cars, like bluetooth, XM radio or voice-recognition, but the problem is that these options and features are too "de-facto". I can assume everyone here is a custom junkie, with our different system setups, and that's the strongest reason for wanting to build a carputer; to CUSTOMIZE it. Car companies can't do this sort of thing without costing big $$$ (imagine if you could specify the computer you wanted "Dealer-Installed" included in your new car).

    just my .02
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      Well one of the 2005 BMWs will have a PC for rear seat passengers, with high speed internet and blah blah blah.
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