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    I noticed the site has LCD screens for very good (low) prices. I just wondered if anyone had experience with their screens. I am looking specifically at this one:

    Seems to be a good deal at $279, but is it going to be reliable, or have a good picture? I've never heard of Innovatek brand.

    Is there any other options that would be better for a similar price. What I really want to do is take it apart and mold it into my dash, so the case doesn't really matter. I only need RCA type inputs, as I don't have a carputer. Please point me in the right direction...preferebly 10.4"

    Thanks for any help.

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    Do a search on mp3playerstore and you will realise that its not the best webstore around....
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      I think this says it all

      (Reseller Ratings should always be the FIRST place to check before even thinking of ordering something from somewhere)

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        Wow, thanks for the replies! Really glad I didn't order from them after reading those reviews.

        Is there anyone (good company) who sells good quality, 10.4" screens for low prices?

        Thanks again guys, probably saved me from loosing the $300.


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          It's amazing a store like this is still around...
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            Many thanks for that link. I just spent the last 20 mins reading all the replies about this merchange. There's a chance that I would have purchased from there as well, since I'm buying my touch-screen soon.

            That 20 mins was definately worth the trouble.

            Thanks again.
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              I had to look at this post ( thinking it was a spam thing ) because of the name " woodpaneling "....

              Doh, now that I read it... good tip on the link !!!! people/businesses like this should be able to operate..


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                Wood, stay away from that rotten **** hole!! walk, no run as fast as you can. Seriously, they suck. Do a search of my past posts and read on.
                mp3playersuckmyassstorefullofnutlessmonkey****sdot com should be shut down.
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                wow, I just noticed that I posted to a thread that is 5 months old! (what a looser)


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                  They suck! I made the mistake of ordering from them. don't make the same mistake I did.

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                    I won an ebay auction with this guy for a car tv antenna. my transaction went fine, got the product as stated... it has weak reception though... might be with all car tv antennas... i don't know... does anyone know of a good way to improve reception? I think i'l do a thread on this...


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                      I thinking about purchasing some products from link removed. Any comments about them, or fellow Canadians, what is your experience with them?

                      Need LILLIPUT 7" and mobo, etc...

                      Thanx for your input.
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