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Texas Adding Wi-Fi To Highways

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  • Texas Adding Wi-Fi To Highways

    Just found this posted on Anandtech forums when I was browsing, thought it might be of some use to you

    Texas Adding Wi-Fi To Highways
    State First To Offer Roadside Internet Access

    AUSTIN, Texas -- Texas' aging rest areas are getting a high-tech makeover.

    The Texas Department of Transportation is adding free wireless Internet access to them.

    TxDOT is accepting bids for installing the hotspot hardware at the state's 84 rest areas and 12 travel information centers.

    TxDOT began experimenting with a few hotspots in last fall.

    State officials believe Texas will be the first state to provide such free access at rest areas.

    Many of the state's rest stops haven't been updated in 50 years.
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    Figures that this technology is only going to be available at the rest stops. What would be cool is if it was available all along the major highways. This would be great for instant traffic and weather updates while driving. Who knows... maybe in a few years.

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      In a few years well have cheap high speed cellphone access (probably). You can already get some decent speeds with cellphone providers if your willing to pay. WiFi isn't really the best protocol to use for fast moving vehicles and its range sucks relatively. Developer (I am Chuck)
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      • #4 McDonald's too! I pick up one 802.11b here on a road for a full mile. I think it's someone with a cantenna pointed parallel to the road from an apartment.


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          Originally posted by god_of_cpu
          In a few years well have cheap high speed cellphone access.
          That doesn't compute in the US, count on all major players (those using GPS excluded) to keep trying at preventing any sort of country/continent - wide standard from apperaring... (AMPS, CDMA and the like)
          also, cheap is not happening anytime soon either...
          IMHO, what will happen that has a better chance of really coming out is a road mesh network that self-organizes between all the cars present on the road...
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