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Car Upholstery - how much?

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  • Car Upholstery - how much?

    Hi guys (and gals)

    I've got someone coming in from abroad pretty soon, and they've offered to get me some stuff. What I'm after is leather for my car (it's a Honda Civic EG (92-95) 3 door hatch) to do up the front two seats, and the back seat, and 4 headrests. Ideally I'd like to use two tones for the seats, one for the outer edge and one for the middle seat part (a bit like this if you will but without the strips going across the seat).

    Problem is, I have absolutely no idea how much to get, or how to tell her, because obviously I'll need a certain amount of full pieces to make up the main parts of the seat (the smaller bits can be made from the trimmings), and she'll also need to be able to explain it in order to obtain it.

    Any help would be much appreciated. Thank you