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    Sorry, started a new thread, old one had too many posts for my ADD brain ;x um....oh yea, i was reading an article about AMP cooling(and amps get way hotter than a computer case) and this guy had an idea to make a box for air flow, take in cold air from 1 location, vent it to another, but control the path of the airflow. See diagram..(<3 paint)

    the lines between fans control the air flow. Just have 1 end suck in air from the cabin, another end vent air out the trunk(there should be openings that are closed off with rubber grommets, im sure you can find a pretty way to dissapate the heat, you could even pump it back into the cabin if you wanted to. I dont know, if it works for amps im sure it would work to cool a comp. Feedback please
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    That is exactly what I had in mind for my system. I'm not at the stage of installation. I'm still going over conditioning the hard drive to get everything right before I install. The trunk should not become too hot with my setup as the machine is a p2 450 on an abit bh6 motherboard. The cpu barely topples 40C so this is really overkill for my install.