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Pioneer IP-Bus question

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  • Pioneer IP-Bus question

    Ok, so I know it's not strictly an mp3 question (well, not even remotely!) but after hours of searching I found more references to ip-bus on this forum than anywhere else on the net so if you guys can't help, no-one can.

    Here it is- I have an audi rs6 avant with the sat nav+ and boot mounted matsu****a(bless me)/panasonic 6 disc cd changer.

    The nav control unit-mounted under the changer-has an aux rca input facility which I have soldered up a plug for and tested with a portable dvd player.

    I have purchased a centurion 6 disc dvd changer which utilises pioneer's ip-bus connectors (in and out) I want to replace the pana changer with this but need to adapt the cable from the single multi pin pana din type cable to the ip-bus connector. When being used as a cd changer I want to retain the track control functions from the head unit rather than using the remote control so a simple audio only input conversion will not suffice.

    I've looked for custom made adaptors in the uk (the satnav+ doesn't seem to be an option in the USA) Can anyone point me in the direction of complete pin out diagrams for the ip-bus and the pana din cable.


    Thanks in advance

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    Well, here's the PinOut of the IP BUS ( on the right )
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      Cheers Pudge.

      At the risk of sounding stupid, I understand the L and R pins but will the bus pins be compatible with bus pins on the panasonic?

      Maybe I just expect too much?