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notification bubbles?

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  • notification bubbles?

    i'm sure this has been discussed before, so ahead of time i'll appologize for the likely repost- i wasn't able to find anything in searches.

    I'm tired of having notification bubbles appear over the task bar. They appear for any number of things- wireless connectiong established, lost- device connected, disconected. I don't want to ever see any of them ever again

    Is there some way to shut 'em off?
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        uhh.... Think the image resizer will do it?

        I have tweak UI on the car comp (necesitated by automatic logon). Want to point me something more specific?

        I'll try the registry thing. thanks dodge.
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          Very easy tutorial with a couple of different solutions.

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            I think it might be able to be done thru GPEDIT.MSC too.
            Nevermind, it can't just the notification area cleanup, and the notification can be removed. Nothing else.
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              you guys are so awesome. i HATE those things. i'll give this registry setting a try!
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                Registry setting does work, but im not sure if it just "hides" the nofification bubbles. I say this because I run magnifier where the start bar was and when the start bar is inactive (autohide) the magnifier would show but, upon start up I still get a delay before the start bar auto hides, the PC is finished loading. I think its because of the XP SP2 RC2 notification bubble saying my computer is insecure, and it just being hidden.
                CarComputer Status: New Car & Broken (Motherboard Fried)
                Owen JH | My Linux Blog | The Tech Fellows


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                  The easiest way to get rid of that is to turn off the service for windows security center
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