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powering the carputer on??

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  • powering the carputer on??

    i searched and now im more confused. my carputer is going under my passanger seat once my moniter arrives. to power on your carputer couldnt you just cut the two wires going to the power on power off switch on the carputer and add more wire to extend the lenth and mount that switch on your dash somewhere? ive read alot about this topic and before reading up on it i just thought this way would be cost efficent and an obvious solution. i am a newbie at this kind of stuff, but cant u do this? im going to be running the power for my carputer through an inverter so when i turn on the ignition the inverter will get its power and i push in this switch and my computer gets power, right? any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Yes all you need to do is extend the two wires connected to the power button on your computer or just tap into them from the computer to the dash and use a momentary push button or switch of your choice.
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      Or do it properly.

      Most people have PC's that support power on after power loss, this way when power is applied via say a shutdown controller, your PC will auto start.

      then when the ignition is turned off the shutdown controller will pulse the PC and then turn the power off after about 10 minutes.

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