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  • divx restart

    just bought a 160gb hd and i'm filling it up with music and movies so i can throw it in a enclosure but when watching one of the divx movies i downloaded (using kazaa lite resurrection) it restarts the movie when it reaches a certain point, its obvious that its a sabotaged file but i couldn't find any repairs for this problem and was wondering if anyone knew how to fix it or if i should just move on to another p2p program. the movie plays beyond the point as long as i forward it but it seems if it plays the certain frame it will restart. i wont be watching every movie already and i want to know when i'm watching them in the car they wont just restart. anybody know? thanks in advance

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    ahh, nm i figured it out, the repairer i used did fix it, it just made a new video file for it


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      No wonder your HD filled up so quickly ;-)
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