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Delmore GPS, COM1 & M10000

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  • Delmore GPS, COM1 & M10000

    Here's a story about how my M10000 gets lost/confused over the COM ports.
    When I boot from hibernate, I have Mr. Delorme GPS wired via USB to the computer. In the computer, drivers are installed for USB to COM (serial).

    I have a serial OBD-II adapter. The software works perfect every time I use it in my laptop, which does not have the GPS hooked up to it.
    Why isn't the M10000 recognizing the OBD-II adapter?
    It shows a check mark opening the COM port, then it disappears... This means that it cannot get a connection (obviously).

    Any suggestions?

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    not to ask a stupid question, but you do have the usb to serial set for a different com port than the obd-II, right? like, they defaults are not both com1. if so, try setting your usb to serial drivers to com 3 or higher (whatever softare you are using).


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      That is already done. COM3 is the GPS, COM1 (supposedly) is the physical com port on the motherboard connected to the OBD-2.


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        does the obd-II work seperatly if the gps is not turned on?


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          I haven't had the chance to uninstall the GPS from the carputer, but for now, let's assume that yes it does work seperately. This is because it works fine on my laptop without the GPS installed.


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            No, no, no, those are two different machines. They have nothing to do with each other. Maybe if you were talking about toasters that would make sense, but not computers.

            If you still think it's the GPS, you have to disconnect the GPS and test the OBD (You don't have to uninstall the GPS software). But I would guess that it has more to do with hibernation (ie. Windows). Are you using XP or ME?