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  • my planned system

    ok ok so after comparing i think im going with this, so far, set-up
    power supply:200$
    Hard drive:100$
    DVD Drive:90$
    security system:N/A
    GPS mouse:45$
    GPS SoftWare:110$
    wifi antenna/card:90$

    with all this i will be using windows XP home and windows SE on the Pocket PC
    was just wandering any crtique on this system being that the total cost right now(not including wires and all the other lil stiff) is Drum roll please 1379 so a 1400 system not to bad

    And to Explain how the System will work=
    .i will use windows XP as my operating system
    .Mediacar as my organizer
    .i will war drive the wifi so i will need to get software for that
    .the gps is mainly self explanitory
    .the alarm system actually works with window to control and alter it
    .the Pocket PC will be to transfer files and portably wifi and possibly with the wifi control the car alarm system
    .my main concern well two main concerns
    1. will i have enough usb ports
    2. will i have enough RAM and memoery and computing power
    .all of this is going in my glove box and behind my seats(1993 Honda Del Sol)
    .install is going to be done by me and my brother(a computer tech and a big nerd)
    .i have 2 glove=ox like compartments so no problem there
    .i am not sure where to mount the 2 more antenni without them sticking out like a sore thumb
    .i know prices will change and i might pick and swap new components but for now this is it
    .all will be hook up to my NEW pioneer DEH-7600MP HU and i have RockfordFosgate all around
    .any comments are very welcome
    .anything you would change please tell me
    .and any more ideas on what to add to make it a real "smart car"
    S.M.A.R.T. car project is on its way
    car of the future, you will all see

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    How do you plan on powering the external drive?
    :My Car and Regular Computer:


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      moer then likly just another inverter only reason i have the opus up there is because every body says its the best for the carputer purpose so yeh more then likly just another inverter
      S.M.A.R.T. car project is on its way
      car of the future, you will all see


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        Yeah you don't want to mess with anything but the Opus.
        :My Car and Regular Computer:


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          You might want to check the shipping on all those ebay items... for the screen I saw it was +$34 S&H making your total cost for that $284. I looked into ebay too when looking for my lilliput screen, and chose to go with mp3car's store instead because they are fast, and the price is only $15, and it's shipped inside the US. Good luck tho.
          2004 WRX Carputer


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            well ebay was just the usaul thing i will look else where cheaper and shipping cost oh and i found my answer to you question krypt2nite, would this sovle the problem: Buslink 8X Slim-Line DVD / 24X CD-ROM Drive
            and then
            this HD: 864&rd=1

            and also im adding a usb camera i think i will use frodocamera unless i can find something else
            S.M.A.R.T. car project is on its way
            car of the future, you will all see


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              Good call on the laptop HD. They are built for this sort of thing
              :My Car and Regular Computer: