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Car voltage problems

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  • Car voltage problems

    I have been having transmission problems with my car, and i got it 'fixed'. But now my check engine light is back on, and i took it back and they said its fine, the transmission problems now is a low voltage problem, easily fixable. I got a 2nd opion on this, so i believe it for now. Right now i have a xplod 600 watt 4 channel amp, pioneer head unit 52watts(but not in use), and a 300 watt alpine amp for my 2 12s". I was thinking abotu getting another battery and wireing them together, but i dont have the room under the hood for this. Would a high current output altinator be a better option? What do yall reccommend?
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    It's always a good idea to get a high current alternator, and depending on your car, you may be able to find a second hand one out of a diesel, or larger engine car. If you don't have room to add a second battery then a good battery such as the Optima ( will be an excellent replacement for the existing one.


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      Getting a bigger alternator could be quite expensive. If you have the cash why not.

      But I would suggest making a tank circuit with an extra battery in your trunk just for your amps. Just do a on the forums for "tank battery" or "tank circuit" (without the quotes). The optima battery is excellent for the tank circuit because it's a gel battery and it's much better then a regualr acid battery.

      I have the same issue, I have 2 AMPS powering 2-10", 2 6X9's, 2-4" and 2 tweets. And I'm thinking of doing the tank circuit for my amps.

      Hope this helps.
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