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EPIA + VIA 4in1 drivers

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  • EPIA + VIA 4in1 drivers

    I read some posts about the VIA 4in1 drivers messing up the serial ports and cd-rom when installed with WinXP.

    is this still an issue, or do you even have to install the 4in1 drivers??

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    I use an Epia board in my car, my desktop machine and also work with them all the time.

    The 4 In 1 Driver is required FIRST before you try to install any other drivers.

    Once you have Windows installed, install the 4 in 1 Driver, then reboot (important), then yoou can install all the other VIA drivers and then reboot the system again.

    Doing it this way should mean that you have no problems at all.

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      I installed all the VIA and system drivers then reset the computer and everything worked fine. Never had a problem with the VIA drivers and I build about 10 computers a week.